Where We’re Buying Tops This Spring

Where We’re Buying Tops This Spring

Long sleeve, short sleeve, work tops, going out tops - why do tops always seem like the hardest thing to shop for?

Fortunately we’ve nailed down 4 awesome places to buy tops this season - for all price points! Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

ASTR the Label

First up - I feel like ASTR the Label is underestimated in this category. Most of their tops are under $75, mostly around $50 to $60, and they have some really cool stuff like this asymmetric piece or this interesting version of a corset top!


Next up is Shopbop - literally one of my favorite sites to shop. The curation of everything is just so good! They have everything from designer labels to smaller, more independent brands to big mass brands that we all know and love. Their Fashion Finds Under $200 is great, and they also always have really good sales. I just went to the top section and filtered by price, low to high, and there are awesome finds as low as $20! Everything from basics to blouses to a smocked tee that's a little bit elevated. Lots of great options.


Third on the list is Dissh! I know everyone knows about this brand now, but they just have really cool pieces. And similar to the others I’ve mentioned, pieces that are going to feel a little bit more elevated, a little bit different. Again, everything from a striped tee like this to some really cool vest tops.


Last but not least, I feel like you guys are sleeping on Anthropologie. Yes, some of their stuff leans a little bit more classic, but this super billowy sleeve, white, off-the-shoulder top, I need this. They have everything from graphic tees to layering mesh tops, which you know I'm a huge fan of, and a lot of their stuff actually comes in plus and petite sizes.

This little sweater tank with the heart stitched on it is, to me, the perfect winter-to-spring transitional piece.


There you have it - plenty of inspiration if you’re adding any tops to your wardrobe this spring! And as always, if you want some spring tops pulled specifically for your body type, budget, and lifestyle - you know where to find us! Book a spring style guide with us and get looks customized just for you.

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Ashlyn Greer

Ashlyn is a graduate of SCAD’s Luxury and Fashion Management Master’s program and is an experienced stylist and creative production manager. Building on more than 10 years in the fashion industry, she formally launched Fashivly in 2021 after a friend reached out and asked for a personal styling session.

Ashlyn spends her days helping other people find their confidence through personal style.

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