10 Essentials for Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

10 Essentials for Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring has officially arrived which means it's time to start transitioning your wardrobe for the new season (yay!)

Y’all, I love a unique, statement piece, I truly do. But I have to admit, I find myself returning to staple items the most for my go-to looks and outfit formulas.

And while many of us love to partake in a good ole’ trend or two, many of us also love to create a baseline wardrobe that proves sustainable for the season ahead, and seasons to come.
As you keep reading, you’ll find 10 essentials you can mix and match for spring, and even into summer. You’ll notice that I included mainly neutrals in my previous post 20 Pieces to Start Your Capsule Wardrobe, but this time, I added in little pops of color to switch things up.

🌸 The Spring Capsule Wardrobe 🌸

1) Tank

The number one item you’ll find in a capsule wardrobe is a basic white tee, and rightfully so — it just makes sense. But, while the season's temperatures have already started to climb (and will continue to do so), an everyday tank feels like a sustainable bet for the next few months.

I love these two styles because they are different from your typical crew cut, and elevated enough you can simply add a few accessories to be ready for a GNO. They can be layered with the next few essentials, too!

2) Long Sleeve Top

If a chilly morning that turns into a warm, sunny afternoon is your cup of tea, one of these staple long sleeves will be your new, go-to top.

Pair your choice from above with a low-rise jean and sneaker for your next grocery run, or a pair of trousers and a belt for a day at the office.

3) Button Down

Whether you are choosing classic white, or going for something a little more unique, the power of a button down is simply unmatched.


4) Cardigan

For those of us who are clinging to the remnants of winter weather, a cardigan can be a nice switch up from that amazing leather jacket you’ve been wearing the last few months.

*This is a great opportunity to add in that pop of color we talked about, especially if a lot of the staples you already own are neutral.


5) White Dress

I couldn’t skip the famous white dress, now could I? No matter what three words sum up your personal style, there is a white dress out there for you that will fit right in. Here are three options to start with!

6) Skirt

Mini, midi, or maxi, spring is the perfect time to add a skirt into your weekly outfit rotation. They make for a versatile option when you’re not feeling like wearing jeans or a dress. Nice little in-between vibe, you know?

7) Jeans

Speaking of denim, I simply cannot live without a straight leg, medium wash jean in my closet.

They truly make for the best staple jean and I will stand by that. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them everywhere.


8) Everyday Bag

There’s something about having a trusty everyday bag that just makes me feel put together. Can you relate?!

*Honorable mention for Madewell’s Bucket Tote, which nearly took over TikTok for a few weeks earlier this year.

9) Sneaker

Athleisure is still going strong, and a staple pair of sneakers is essential to keep those vibes going. Here are a few spring-inspired options to add to your wardrobe this month!


10) Loafers

Timeless, versatile, clean, simple, you name it. Loafers are what I consider the chic older sister to my everyday sneaker. Which one are you reaching for?


There you have it! 10 items that will help you start spring off strong and will last for seasons to come.

The best of both worlds, one might say.

Happy shopping!

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