The Boston Clog: fall’s comfiest, coziest shoe

The Boston Clog: fall’s comfiest, coziest shoe

We’ve all been looking for the coziest, comfiest shoe for fall, and we’re here to tell you: it is the Birkenstock Boston Clog.



Let’s look at 3 ways to wear it:

This is going to be your go-to errands look.

You need a pair of boxer shorts, or just a striped short in general, paired with a t-shirt. Top with an oversized, kind of like slouchy, chunky sweater, the boston clog, and some fun socks.

Another fave, kind of unexpected outfit combo is taking one of your dresses from spring or summer and bringing it into fall with this shoe pairing.

We love a maxi dress with a t-shirt layered under, and again, a really chunky sweater on top and some fun socks with it.

Last but not least: the fall uniform look for all day, everyday.

Grab a pair of straight jeans, or a wide leg jean with a really wide cuff, and an oxford or poplin shirt. Add a little quilted vest on top, a trench coat, and then a casual crew or cotton sock.

If you’ve been on the fence about the boston clogs, or maybe you have an old pair in the back of your closet - this is your sign to go for it!

And, if you liked these looks and want some of your own created just for you based on your body type, lifestyle, and budget, now’s the time to book your dream fall style guide with us!

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Tanna Giles

With a background in the visual arts, Tanna has always viewed fashion as a form of artistic & creative expression. She is always up for anything that exercises her creative muscles - whether that's curating the perfect outfit, an Instagram feed, or an art show. As a stylist + content strategist at Fashivly, she navigates trends and hunts for the perfect pieces for her clients + our social feeds.

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