How to dress like French icon Jeanne Damas

How to dress like French icon Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas is widely known for her pinterest-worthy, minimal-chic outfits. She is also the founder of Rouje, a French fashion brand; a model, creative director, and Mama to her little one.

She’s a busy woman, but in the midst of it all, she still puts together amazing outfits for french, minimal, and eclectic girlies alike to gather style inspiration.

Anyone else love to scroll Pinterest for outfit ideas? I certainly do. And when you’re ready to turn inspiration into a reality, many of Jeanne’s outfits can be pulled directly from Rouje’s website, while similar pieces can be pulled from shops like &vOtherStories, Reformation, and Madewell.

I’ve created a list of outfits with said similar pieces so you can start shopping now. Follow along as we walk through seven of her Fall-inspired looks that you can recreate this season!

Winter by the Sea

Light blue paint, cobblestone streets and a light breeze is a wonderful description of winter by the sea. For those slow weekend days, Jeanne sports a blazer to keep her warm, a striped shirt to bring in elements of french style, and a handbag for her everyday essentials.

A Day in Paris

A gray turtleneck, sunnies and a red lip accompany this Parisian for a day spent out and about in her hometown.

For those of us who are lovers of all things floral, Anthropologie is currently selling this beautifully embroidered black and cream floral sweater. This is a great piece if you’re looking for something unique, but can also be added to a capsule wardrobe and worn with multiple outfits!

Days on Set

There’s something about a creative director's outfit that brings additional inspiration to a set. In this photo Jeanne sports navy trousers, a matching navy suit vest, and classic New Balances to support her all day long.

Fall Florals

True elegance can be found sitting right outside of a café in Paris. Jeanne is giving effortless beauty here with a floral maxi dress and mid-calf boots. Wow!

Date Night

If you know anything about Jeanne’s style, you know she often wears full outfits from her brand, Rouje. This outfit is tooooo good to go anywhere but straight to the source. You can find this full look on Rouje’s website by clicking on the links below!

GNO with Friends

If you’re looking for an outfit that is cozy and GNO-worthy, this sweater set will be your new go-to. Jeanne’s choice of additional pieces here are a trench coat, medium sized silver hoops, and a brown purse.

Coffee at Home

I am a firm believer in putting together an outfit for work, even if you work from home. You’ll feel better and, in turn, be more productive! For a casual morning at home Jeanne wears black high waisted jeans, a button up cardigan and boots. The green coffee cup adds a touch of style, too. 


All in all, it has been so fun to watch Jeanne’s style evolve over the years. She is coming up with new outfits and new pieces for Rouje day in and day out! Stay tuned for what she has planned next.

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