“Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party!”

“Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party!”

The new Barbie movie promotes inclusivity, body positivity, iconic style and extends #BarbieCore’s 15-minutes of fame to a lifetime.

Everyone…we mean EVERYONE has been in a Barbie craze ever since we grabbed a glance of the paparazzi flashed photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on the set of Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie back in 2022.

Business of Fashion reported that ever since the Barbie movie trailer was released, Barbie fashion-related searches doubled (via Google Trends) and last week Barbie’s fluffy pink mules in the opening shot were up by 115 percent! Even blonde hair dye Google searches tripled overnight after the movie trailer dropped so we’ll see if blondes indeed do have more fun at the box office and beyond (businessoffashion.com).

But #Barbiecore isn’t new to this. It’s true to this. Barbiecore took Pinterest by storm back in the early pre-pandemic days of 2019 and gained some extra steam after Valentino dawned the new hue of “PP Pink” as the perfect shade for Barbie and fans alike. We’ve seen all of Valentino’s top brand ambassadors and muses like Zendaya and Anne Hathaway wear the shade from head to toe, which cemented the look on mood boards all around the globe.


Chances are, you’ve probably had the random thought of, “If I were going to the Barbie movie premiere, I’d probably wear THIS!” And it’s not a coincidence! PP Pink proves to be the perfect cool shade of this favorite hue.


Retail has continued to be tickled pink, and the color is up 30 percent in the first quarter of this year from the fourth quarter of 2022, which was already at an all-time high (businessoffashion.com).

We’ve seen Barbiecore take over the runways, malls and everywhere in between with brands like Love Shack Fancy and Selkie really playing up a whimsical, hyper-feminine, doll-like aesthetic. But Barbiecore has also integrated into interior design and lifestyle products with brands like Lowe’s and Architectural Digest who encourage you to build your own Barbie Dream House and remind us that this is a lifestyle that’s here to stay.

So what does Barbie have to say about all of this? Well, that depends on which Barbie you ask. The amazingly beautiful thing about this new Barbie movie set to hit theaters July 21, 2023, is that our army of Barbies and all of her different professions and personalities also come to life. 

We get to see additional Barbies alongside Margot Robbie’s perfect blonde hair and runway-model physique—and they look like US! They are empowering, diverse and badass. And Ken? Well, he’s just…Ken.

The funny punchline has of-course made its way into meme culture while throwing shade at famous couples, while comparing them to Barbie and Ken’s new motto, “She’s everything…he’s just Ken.”

Proving that behind every strong woman, there’s maybe a guy that she has fun with. From Elle Woods and Emmett Richmond to Princess Diana and Prince Charles, there are no lies being told here!

We have Nobel Prize-winning Barbie in a delicate ballet core ribbon, President Barbie adorned in Chanel-esque pastel tweed, Doctor Barbie rocking some sequins, Supreme Court Justice Barbie in a crop top and so much more! And what’s even better… Is that they all come with an impeccable extended wardrobe!

No matter what your aesthetic may be, there’s surely a Barbie that will speak to you and your style and even a few Kens to balance it all out.

Barbie is not only racially and professionally diverse, she’s also diverse in body type and size, which speaks volumes. 

Long gone are the days when Barbie only featured unattainable proportions and beauty standards. We’re in a new day and age where anyone can be Barbie.

Barbie has always been a feminist. It's just cool to see all of her come to life. FINALLY.

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Perrine DeShield

Perrine DeShield is a creative fashion marketer, educator and first-generation Liberian-American who is always fascinated with the world around her and constantly pulling inspiration from her heritage. She specializes in higher education, fashion marketing, styling, social media marketing, broadcast journalism and more. She even buried the skort during her sophomore year student television show.

Perrine lives in Savannah, GA as "Professor P" and can't wait to wrap up wedding planning.

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