7 TikTok Fashion Creators I’m Loving Right Now

7 TikTok Fashion Creators I’m Loving Right Now

Once upon a time I didn’t have a TikTok, and I mean for years I avoided the app.

But lo and behold, one day I wanted to tune into some casual outfit inspo, and now here we are nearly six months later with an endless list of content creators I’ve come to know and look forward to new posts from.

There’s something different about this app where authenticity is more regularly celebrated. There’s often less curation, more BTS moments, and sometimes you even feel like you’re talking to your best friend.

That being said, today I want to highlight 7 TikTok fashion creators I’m loving right now. And hopefully you’ll find some inspo from them, too!

As a full-time model living in California, Gabbie Sul takes her community along her journey with day-in-the life videos, outfit of the days and casual “get ready with me’s”. Something I really love about following her is that she is super laid back and gives off the vibe that she’s here for fun and simply “checking in” with her community day to day. As for fashion content, she typically shares what she is wearing to work — something comfy and chic — and many times ties in pieces that give off “tomboy” vibes.

Hailey Drew Polk went viral last year after sharing her husband's reaction to her new haircut and has been known for “Bobbi,” as she calls it, ever since. When I’m wanting to watch something fun and inspiring, I typically head to her page. She shows what it can look and feel like to bring an “edge” to base outfits (i.e. a t-shirt and jeans), highlights how she loves to be “different” (and how that influences her style), and can often be found smiling and laughing throughout her content.

I just recently started following Chloe Mihalio and I’m honestly shocked it took me this long to find her page. Her outfits are amazing. She lives in Toronto and posts a mix of videos that show her outfit of the day with a music overlay and ones where she explains each piece she’s wearing and why. She is also a huge advocate for high quality basics that can be incorporated into a weekly outfit rotation. If I saw her in a coffee shop without already knowing who she was, I would immediately think “cool girl”.

Julia uses the skills she’s learned as a teacher to walk her followers through modernizing past trends, styling staple pieces multiple ways and even has a series called “Let’s Talk About It” where she responds to comments & thoughts from her community. She places a big focus on helping people “update (their) millennial outfits to feel more trendy,” by sharing in-depth videos where she processes through specific examples using photos, explains what to update and how to do it in a way that stays true to your personal style.

Lauren Maile is a micro-influencer who is quickly rising in popularity in the fashion creator community. She really kicked things off with her 3 product makeup routine — a nice skin tint, blush and brows; and is now determined to make social media “fun” again. I looove her “cool-mom” style, use of trucker hats, big framed glasses, and statement jewelry. Lauren also does a really great job of bringing you in for a story and isn’t afraid to share when it comes to those real life moments that we’re starting to see more and more of on TikTok.

Owner of Uncle Studios and content creator, Allegra Shaw, has been popular on socials for a long time. She’s always down to try new things and is constantly “pushing the boundaries” when it comes to her own personal style. She incorporates pieces from her clothing brand, but always in a super casual way that brings purpose to her outfit, which I really appreciate. Sometimes she gives off-duty model vibes, sometimes she’s giving 70s street style, and sometimes she’s dressed to the nines and headed to a fashion show. Anyone can come to her page and find an outfit they love!

Honorable mention featuring petite stylist Alisha Dhuka for the amazing quality of her videos and sharing of elevated everyday outfits. Watching her videos feels like a breath of fresh air because she explains the reasoning behind why you should add a certain element to an outfit. I often find myself loving outfit inspo. but not knowing how to style it in a way that looks good on me or gives off the same vibe! If you’re looking for someone to walk you through the necessary steps to achieving a put together, everyday look, be sure to give her a follow!


These fashion creators are being highlighted because they are constantly bringing something new to the table, and doing it with authenticity. Their pages are fun, encouraging and showcase unique style content that we can all pull ideas from one way or another. Be sure to give them a follow so you can gather outfit inspo, too 🙂

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