Recreating Mira’s Outfits from ‘Love Again’

Recreating Mira’s Outfits from ‘Love Again’

Rom Coms are essential for the girl who is looking for a light-hearted story and a good laugh. Have I watched many rom-coms this year? Yes. Have I lost count? Also, yes.

Honestly, no matter what mood I am in, I feel 1000x better after I indulge in a huge pint of vanilla ice cream and a silly love story. And if they have a great stylist, even better.

I recently watched the movie “Love Again,” with Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan, and it very well may have made it onto the list of my top ten favorites. Without spoiling the story line for you, I can tell you it’s set in New York City, has a great plot, and features a good amount of snow (very important IMO).

If you’ve seen it, you love it. If you haven’t seen it, this is your sign to watch it this weekend. Either way, if you keep reading, we’re going to recreate five of Mira’s outfits from the movie!

The outfits in this movie are so great, but this one stood out to me the most. Mira arrives for a date and surprises the audience when she meets up with Nick Jonas, her husband in real life. What a great move on the director’s part! The date was a flop, but watching them interact together was hilarious, to say the least.

Let’s talk through her outfit details!

Mira wore a long sleeve orange collared shirt and maxi beige skirt. I never would have thought to put these colors and pieces together until I saw this scene, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Accessorize with a brown leather woven belt, silver necklace, and bag of choice, and you’ll be ready to go.

Again, I don’t want to spoil the movie for you so I won’t go into too much detail, but this dress is part of a very monumental scene in the movie! I never knew yellow could look so elegant, but it certainly did in the shimmering lights outside of the opera house! Mira kept her accessories simple, so as to not take away from the dress. You can recreate this outfit by pairing the dress with a layered silver necklace!

In true New York style, Mira was often seen in a mix of colors, patterns and textures. She plays a children’s book writer, and after suffering a huge loss and time away from creating, her publisher gives her the talk. You know the one where your boss tells you you need to have x, y, z done in less than a month? She wasn’t fully confident about meeting her deadline in this scene, but by the end, she figured it all out.

Her green corduroy jacket can be worn over a simple base in place of a trench or wool overcoat. Combine the jacket, scarf and patchwork bag with a long sleeve black maxi dress, white tee and jeans, or turtleneck and trousers for those days you are running to back to back meetings.

First date cuties! After meeting for the first time in a scene prior, I was so curious to see what Mira would wear for her first date with Rob. Was she going to keep it casual? Was she going to dress up? Well, she did a little bit of both ✨

Mira styled a white chunky knit sweater and a slip maxi skirt to enjoy burgers at her favorite spot in the city. This outfit was simple, chic, and is super easy to recreate with quality pieces for less than $150.

Another thing I loved about this movie was the embedded narrative following Mira’s journey as she came back to herself as an artist. Her will to create disappeared for years, and the audience gets to watch her rediscover her love for her work. In this scene, she was drawing and writing on a bench in Central Park in an outfit that spoke to her unique personality; featuring a yellow beanie that referenced a color theme throughout the movie.

To recreate this outfit you will combine a blue sweater (cashmere or cotton) with a pair of plaid trousers, and then layer on a coat or oversized shirt jacket and a beanie (yellow, purple or green would all work well here). Another outfit that is super simple, but can still speak to your personal style based on the way you incorporate your own unique pieces.

In close competition with her famous yellow dress, Mira’s closing scene outfit had to be the most iconic outfit from the whole movie. I mean honestly, who knew you could style such a beautiful and elegant dress with a pair of Jordan 11s? Not me!

But hey, she proved that indeed, it can be done.

The dark orange, almost red jacket, here was unexpected but it’s one of those things that just “worked”. It made me want to pull all kinds of random things from my closet to pair together, and maybe everyone should. You never know what you could create.

You will find a similar dress based on color and material from MANGO, a jacket from Dillards, and Air Jordan 11s on many resale sites. Love love love!


Whether you’re an artist, writer or simply love to put together outfits that just “work,” I encourage you to use this blog post as inspiration for your next outfit or style guide 🤍 Wouldn’t a movie character’s wardrobe be a cool thing to add to the notes in your next inquiry?!

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