‘One Day’ Outfits I’m Obsessing Over

‘One Day’ Outfits I’m Obsessing Over

"We Grew Up Together."

Anyone else still recovering from watching One Day? No? Just me?

Netflix recently released the modern adaptation of the 2009 novel, showcasing the intertwining lives of Emma and Dexter over the course of twenty years. Friends, lovers, soulmates — no matter what stage of life they are in, they seem to always come back to one another. And as soul-crushing as it is, it seems to just never be the right time for them.

I won’t spoil the show for you, but I will leave you with this — your life will be forever changed. And it may take you a few weeks to recover…

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While the hopeless romantic in me would love nothing more than to keep talking about the storyline, I would like to spend a few minutes highlighting outfits that were featured in the show. From 1988 to 2008, there was a lot to cover style-wise. And may I just say, the stylists on the show did a wonderful job.


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The night that started it all…

I’m a big believer in starting off a book or show with a great “hook,” and this episode did just that. Think: great music, dancing the night away, and connection.

Emma wears a verrryyy 80s dress with a tasteful sheer overlay and Dex wears a tux, relaxed with his tie loosened and first few buttons undone.

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We see this dress in a few flashbacks to Christmas 1988. The pattern is so lovely and embodies a late 80s feel.


I’ve been seeing a big focus on accessories recently, so it was cool to see Dex’s mom accenting her outfits with unique varieties of jewelry, belts and bags (as shown above!).

Dex’s outfits in this episode showcase exactly what one would expect for an Italian summer. His style was tasteful, yet laid back.


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This episode’s outfits gave off a “right out of college” vibe. Emma and Dex were each on a journey towards what was next, and stuck to casual, everyday looks along the way.


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*Sigh,* a week-long holiday in Greece.

We were taken back to Dex’s laid-back days in Italy featuring sunglasses and his well-known silver pinky ring.

But this time, Emma joined him with her own take on a mid-July escape. Think: flowy dresses and pants, linen, and bandanas.


Emma’s dress here reminds me of my art teacher from grade school. A few years into the 90s, we start to see her style shift with the addition of more feminine, unique pieces.


In episode 7, Emma wore an amazing black and silver striped cami dress with an embroidered jacket, and Dex wore a slightly oversized monochromatic black suit. Each outfit reflected a thoughtful take on 90s grunge style.


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The wedding guest attire in this episode was hands-down gasp-worthy. Across the board. This is the first time we get to see a grown up, more refined example of Emma’s style and her red dress surely did not disappoint.

P.S. Dex agrees.


Ohhhh, to be a newly published author spending a research year living in Paris. To my fellow writer friends, doesn’t this outfit scream “successful author” to you? Emma’s takes on minimal, chic, Parisian style in full.


Ok, bear with me here. The early 2000s looks they wore were very casual, but they definitely showcase what my (young) parents were wearing during these years. They were simply living and mostly wore cotton tees, button downs, and baggy jeans.

Ground-breaking style wasn’t the main focus of this episode…iykyk :,)


One Day truly made an impact on so many lives this year through fashion and story. It teaches us to have the hard conversations, wear whatever you want, make the best of your current situation, and keep moving forward.

And above all else, One Day teaches us to love to the very fullest. One of life’s greatest blessings is to love and be loved, so why would we hold back?

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