Blair Waldorf Inspired Holiday Outfits

Blair Waldorf Inspired Holiday Outfits

“Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here…”

Blair Waldorf set the stage for holiday glam and these are just a few favorites to get you inspired to style your own…

I admit, it took me nearly ten years too long to tune into the show that highlights the lives of a group of teenagers living in the Upper East Side. TV dramas were my escape growing up, New York was a distant dream, and when I finally started watching the show in my early twenties, I was shocked that I hadn’t seen it before. But hey, it’s never too late to tune in to a good story.

Blair, also known as “B,” is always dressed to the nines…even down to her pajamas. As the daughter of a fashion designer, she is always putting together outfits that set her apart from the other girls in her school, and as she grows up, her social circle.

Although only two episodes out of many, many seasons are centered around Christmas, there are endless outfits you can pull inspiration from this holiday season.

1) Hollywood Glam

Cue the *jaw drop*.

Big, soft curls, a red lip and an elegant black dress are essential for classic Hollywood glam.

These elements will take your holiday ball, intimate Christmas dinner, or New Years celebration outfit to the next level.

2) Hometown Errands

There’s nothing like going home for Christmas and skipping into town for a few errands. Small town or big city, the all-too-familiar streets can feel like a warm hug when you’re back for the holidays. In this scene, she sports a plaid wool coat, black turtleneck and leggings, and large green handbag for her essentials.

3) Ball Drop

Ring in the New Year with beads and pearls 🤍 Although many of Blair’s outfits are one solid color, she always finds a way to incorporate something that will catch one's eye. I love the way her pearls are styled here! They compliment her dress so well.

4) White Christmas

Blair goes through many phases over the course of the show, but may I say her post-college era is the best. She looks *stunning* in this floor length white dress.

Can you imagine wearing this dress for dinner on a white Christmas? Prosecco in hand, snow falling silently outside the window, and holiday jazz in the background — an absolute dream.

5) Work Party

Mini skirts have resurfaced over the last two years and this one is so fun! With work parties starting this week, many of us want to make a statement instead of sticking to our normal “business casual” outfit routine.

Think: a little glitter, a little glam, and one serious strut. Pair your mini skirt with tights, a silk button down (patterned or solid), and a soft nude lip.

6) Family Dinner

We’ve seen Sophia Richie in this material for months — for good reason. And if you know Blair Waldorf, you know a tweed coat just makes sense.

If you’re looking for an outfit to wear to an elevated family dinner on Christmas Eve, a long red tweed coat, floral tights, and gold accent necklace is a great choice!

7) LBD

Another example of an all black look that is simple, comfortable and versatile. If you’re trying to pack light, a little black dress can be used as the base for multiple outfits. Simply switch out the accessories, shoes, coat and/or bag to change it up each day!

8) A Silk Moment

Red. Silk. Dress. I’m obsessed.

This dress is an example of how good something can look when tailored. Although there are plenty of ways to shop for your body type specifically, tailoring can totally change the look of a piece.

Now if you’re in a rush to find something new and don’t have time to get it tailored in the next few weeks, opt for a matching belt (shown here) to create more dimension in your look. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to take it to your fave place on Main in the New Year.

9) Forest Green

Red has proven to be the color of the season, but forest green is a really nice alternative. In this scene she wears a monochrome green dress with matching detail on the top and sleeves. Wear something like this for family photos, dinner or a catch up with your hometown girlies.

10) The Perfect Bow

The art of the simple bow is trending all over Instagram and TikTok right now. People are wearing them in their hair, on their socks, and creating the most adorable Christmas trees I have ever seen!

That said, this look needed a moment in the spotlight. This classic white button up, turned fan-favorite outfit is owed to the addition of a perfectly tied navy blue ribbon. Need I say more?


For the girl who is looking for something a little different for the holidays, Blair’s featured outfits are a fun place to start gathering inspiration…especially if you’re heading to the Upper East Side.


Happy styling!

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